The Magazine comes from a desire to talk about knitwear trends with the focus squarely on yarns. Having looked at the publishing market, we have realised that there is no magazine out there that puts yarns at the heart of the extraordinary evolution of knitwear over the last 10 years. The images and words behind the inspiration for knitwear creators will be placed alongside yarns, clothes and garments that provide the best visual representation of the themes chosen to depict the reality around us, or what will sum up our daily lives in the future. We are convinced of our ability to add another angle to our way of seeing yarns and of their ability to interpret our moods and our passions. 



The season main mood is entitled Slowing down and includes the S/S 2020 trends and colours divided in 4 themes (Soundless, Imperfect Blooming, Still Water, Free Spirit).

Slowing down is an invitation to reduce speed, take a moment to look around and “see” our surroundings, reflect and retrieve our memory. Taking time out from the hectic pace of continual growth. But slowing down does not mean not joining in, it is not about making judgements or giving up; if anything, it is a way to rebuild an identity increasingly compromised  by constantly and frenetically having to be present in a society that does not even see us. It is an awareness, a revolutionary act of self-affirmation. Slowing down - taking care, to be more precise. And taking care can cut across all issues, from the big to the small, from ourselves to our relationships with others, to the search for a more real and profound humanity. But it is above all about taking care of the space in which we live, with an ethical conscience and behaviour attentive to nature and the environment.



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